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The good people of Happy Creations created this video showcasing some of our sweetest stories. Take a look & get sweet today!

You’ll also find some of our Sweet Stories from Toronto children below.

Our Stories

Sam & the iPad

Sam is a 12-year old boy who lives with his mother and older sister. Their apartment was totally destroyed in a fire. They were home at the time and had to leave suddenly in their pajamas. They lost EVERYTHING including their beloved dog.  Extended family helped out for awhile. The family received donations from friends and agencies. (Clothes, food, gift certificates etc.).
—They are now living in a shelter in a motel which is outside their neighborhood. The children go have a long TTC ride to get to their home schools. Living conditions ‘could be better’ according to Sam. Mother is now looking for a 2-bedroom apartment in the area – max rent $850 since they will be on assistance.
—Sam lost his IPOD, which he had had for three years, in the fire. Mom says he took really good care of it and loved playing his music. He would really love to be able to buy another one but the family can’t afford it.

DoSomethingSweet.ca was able to get an IPOD for Sam and he and his mom were very appreciative

Being able to listen to music while I go to school is the best treat. It keeps me happy on the busy train and makes the trip so fast. So sweet!



A Bus Pass for Evan

Evan is 17 years old and currently attending a day treatment program for students with mental health issues.  He has struggled with learning difficulties, mental health issues, as well as violence related issues at school and in his community.  It has been a long road getting him the level of academic and mental health support he needs.  Evan has finally found a  good fit in the day treatment program, but it’s too far for him to walk to everyday.  His family has very limited finances, as they are caring for 7 other children in the house.

Evan needs monthly bus passes (until June) to get to and from school/programs/meetings.  We are attempting through many avenues to find a long term solutions for a monthly metro pass, however if we could have one for this month it would help this student tremendously.

DoSomethingSweet.ca was able to help this young man and give him a bus pass for November.

Because of this organization I am able to get where I need in the city. It helped me a lot so I could get to school on time and be able to do special after school activities. Thanks so much!



Sadie’s Special Dress

Sadie has a significant learning disability and has worked very hard to graduate.  She bought a prom ticket to celebrate her achievements, and later found herself in unfortunate circumstances due to mother’s illness and family conflicts.  She was forced to move out of her home temporarily but has then returned home and was really trying to work things out and help her mom who was discharged from hospital.  She was grateful for any help she could receive

We looked into a project which helps young women get prom dresses, but the only dress that was suitable in her size would need extensive alterations.  She went out looking to compare to other dresses, and saw some things that she liked that were fairly inexpensive (under $100) but knew she couldn’t come up with the money.

Through a donation at Do something sweet Sadie was able to buy a dress…

Sadie was able to buy a beautiful cream dress, with a flattering black sash and bow.  She bought it on sale and had enough left over for accessories and jewellery.  It was the first dress she tried on and she loved it right away.  She brought the dress to school to show the social worker who helped her purchase it through DoSomethingSweet.ca.

The social worker wishes you could have seen the smile on her face.

I’ve never felt prettier than when I wore that dress. I am so thankful for all the help and for the chance to go to prom with all my friends.