About Us

DoSomethingSweet.ca is a charitable program that raises funds for Toronto children in need.


The concept was brought to life by Joanna Track, founder of the popular online magazine Sweetspot.ca, Kate Driscoll of Lux 9 Inc., a handful of colleagues, and an exceptional group of social workers in the Toronto District School Board. Inspired by the Abundance Project, which for 10 years has responded to the needs of students and their families during the holiday season. Joanna and Kate envisioned the possibility of providing an avenue to address these kinds of needs on a year round basis.

DoSomethingSweet believes it’s easier than you think to change the life of someone who deserves it! We believe that all children throughout Toronto should have the opportunity to learn, live & grow in order to build a sweeter life for themselves.

Our goal is to sweeten up our local communities one gesture at a time. By joining us you have the opportunity to reach out to your local youth by giving them the gift of happiness. The smallest of donations truly can be the sweetest!

All donations go directly into the Hope In Action Emergency Fund developed by TFSS, the Board’s arms-length charitable foundation, to make funds available for students with urgent needs. To make the process easy and to get funds out to students as fast as possible (24-48 hours) there is an on-line application process.

A full 100% of all funds donated to the Emergency Fund, goes directly to students. Ready to make a contribution? Donate today.


Meet the founders.


Kate Driscoll

Lux 9 Inc.

We create change of the sweetest kind. Smiles on the faces of kids who get to laugh, play and participate the way kids should, one gesture at a time.


Joanna Track

Good Eggs & Co.

“Unlike any other charity of its kind, DoSomethingSweet puts donated items right into the hands of the person in need, so that students and families can live a life more sweet.”

Toronto Foundation for Student Success Charitable Number. 88903 6455 RR0001